Top 5 Ways For Designers To Boost Income

There many designers on the internet doing great work and earning decent amount of money. If you are looking to do the same and generate some extra income, then here Top 5 Ways For Designers To Boost Income you can start off with:

1.Sell Your Content



If you have designed any logos, web buttons, print elemets etc. Then, you can easily get it submitted on Envato’s (a marketplace for designers) and get 70% share of every sale you make. However, keep in mind that anything you should design should be very unique and original or either it’ll get rejected by the reviewers. Make sure the image you set for the preview is eyecatching and identifiable. Put up atleast 15 keywords for your file, considering the fact that envato’s search is not as intelligent as Google’s, your item will only appear in the results if the keyword exactly match the query.

Also, you can make use of Envato’s affiliate program to earn commisions on sales. You can do this by sharing links to other files on the marketplace with your affiliate username in the url (affliate links can be automatically generated through the author dashboard). So, on very sale made through your link, you’ll get a share 🙂

2. Participate in Design Contests on is another place where you can participate in design contests and win huge amounts of money. Just signup for an account and select the category. When participating in a contest, make sure you give a detailed description of the thing you’ve designed to the contest holder. Very importantly, don’t provide the buyers with design mockups, they want “All Set Material.” On a average, a designer gets around $300 for a winning logo! WOW!


3. Start Making Video Tutorials



 You can create video guides for softwares such as Abobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop etc. and either sell them or monetize through Youtube/Your Website. Thousands of people everyday, google video tutorials for these softwares. Video capturing softwares like “CamStudio” are perfect for this type of work. Moreover, you can create tutorials and submit them to websites like PsdTuts+, Nettuts etc. and recieve royalty for you published work.


4. Work At Online Workplaces Like, etc.





You can signup for one of these websites (Elance, Guru, Odesk etc.), create a profile and start bidding on projects you think you can do. Even though the competition on these website is too much, effective proposal and impressive profile can get you the job. Also here are 12 Tips to Get First JOB on a Freelance Network like oDESK ,Elance and Freelancer. Bear in mind while applying for jobs, that the buyer maybe a novice, hence, try to provide him with the maximum details about how you have planned to complete that job he/she has asked for. And yes, “Sample designs,” they are the real game changer! If you are just starting, have no portfolio, no past jobs, then the only way to impress the buyer is to show mock-ups of your ideas. Once you have reached the 25 jobs milestone, then there is not much need for samples, your portfolio will speak for your ability.You should also Read How to successfully complete a Project on oDESK, Freelancer , Elance.


5. Write Ebooks!



Lately, ebooks have grown much in popularity. Just like making video tutorials, writing ebooks is also effective. You can sell your ebooks directly to your followers using services like Gumroad.


Best of Luck!


[sws_blue_box box_size=”594″] This is a Guest Post by Ali Zohaib who  is Olevel student at St.Patrick’s High School, Karachi. He is  an avid designer, part-time blogger and technology enthusiast. Recently, He became a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Ali blog at .@Graphicriver: [/sws_blue_box]

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