How to successfully complete a Project on oDESK, Freelancer , Elance.

This is the Next Part of the post  12 Tips to Get First JOB on a Freelance Network like oDESK ,Elance and Freelancer.

Once you have completed all the things require to be a standout candidate like a great profile , a good portfolio and a unique to the point cover letter , you hope to get a response from the client , Once you get a positive response from the client what should you do ?
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1). Fast Communication is VERY IMPORTANT. You should always check your oDESK/Elance/Freelancer account regularly to see if you’ve received a response from a client. You may miss an interested client, if you don’t check your account frequently.


2). When you receive a response from the client, that means, before hiring, he wants to discuss the job with you. He’ll explain his requirements & expectations in details. Be attentive in this session. In case something remains unclear, you should politely ask the client. It is very important that the client’s requirements are very much clear to you.


3). Once you can clearly understand client’s requirements & you’re confident, tell the client that you’re clear about all the instructions.


4). Make sure you receive a Contract from the client, before you start working on the job. IMPORTANT: You’ll not be paid, if you’re not given a Contract. (Sadly, this happened to me once I was new. . So be careful.)


5). Here, another important point rises. You should also check the client’s work history. Check client’s Feedback score & also see other contractor comments about the client. You’ll get a lot of helpful information from the client’s profile. (Client profile details are given on every job post).

6). You should always try to convince the client in a professional way that you are the bets fir for this project , as you may not be the only person he is interviewing. your task is to getting hired not just getting a response so keep this point in mind.

7).The communication is the main part of Online work so in the start of the contract you make sure that what is the medium you will be communicating , mostly skype is your best option so you should add your client and ask him to add you to contact list on skype as well, if not than normal email id is also fine.

8). When ever you feel that you need some information during the project do not hesitate to clear this up with the client , as little thinks you assume on your part may be a deal breaker for the client , so involve your client in every decision making and keep updating him with regular intervals with drafts. Keep in mind do not over do the questioning you never want be that person who to needs a supervisor on your shoulder all the time.

9).During the work if you get stuck due to some issue not related to the contract itself i.e you got sick , you having difficulty with your system or any other issue , and you think you are going to miss a deadline , First thing you should do is to tell this to the client , as he is counting on you and it can set back many things, So make sure you inform your client about any delays and possible resolution or way around if there is any. 

 10). After delivering the Contracted task it is time to get paid , make sure you get paid and also ask your client to leave a feedback for you , as a good feedback and good comment from the client goes long way for you , if the client hints of some unsatisfactory feeling do not feel hesitant  to go an extra mile to make all things good for him, as this is the most important part and he will always remember you for your extra handwork and keep coming back to you with new projects.

So these are a few things I really wanted to share with other contractors. Everyone should remember these while working on oDESK , Elance and Freelancer. I will be adding more Post Relating to Freelance tips in coming days as these things are very important to be a Successful  freelancer , so make sure you bookmark this site and subscribe to my social feed here :

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Your Turn:

I Hope I was helpful, if any one has any questions or helpful things to add, do not hesitate to comment below or contact me .

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