10+ totally Disco Handmade Animated logo Designs for Inspiration

Animation and video is the next big thing , I mean they are already here since ages but Animated Logo design and use of animation in Branding is a new trend quickly catching up , Take a look at my earlier post about beautiful Animated logo designs.

Remember when I shared the logo design trends for 2016 earlier ? Handmade Logos were included in that trend , Brand designers are moving towards these calligraphic style hand drawn logos fairly quickly .

I think the reason is that hand drawn logos are more personal , they bring out a strong relationship between Brand and the Business .

There is nothing in the world which matches the quality of things you make with your hands , there is passion , effort and care which goes into the handmade things.

That is why to show the personal touch in Branding , calligraphy logos or hand drawn lettering style logos are getting attention.

On top of all this if that beautiful logo if also animated , That is just unfair advantage , I mean you can not just scroll by or pass by such amazing thing without giving it  a good long look. WIN

Take a pause of whatever you are doing and see how these beautiful Handmade Animated logo designs swirl flash and revolve into all the glory .

These are done by two Awesome artists , Starov Evgeniy ( lettering ) and Dubnichenko Alexey ( motion ) , A big thumbs up to these guys for such an Awesome job.



Animated Logo 1 Animated Logos 1



Animated Logo 2

Animated Logos 2



Animated Logo 3

Animated Logos 3



Animated Logo 4

Animated Logos 4



Animated Logo 5

Animated Logos 5



Animated Logo 6

Animated Logos 6



Animated Logo 7

Animated Logos 7



Animated Logo 8

Animated Logos 8



Animated Logo 9

Animated Logos 9



Animated Logo 10

Animated Logos 10



Animated Logo 11

Animated Logos 11



Animated Logo 12

Animated Logos 12



Animated Logo 13

Animated Logos 13



Awesome ,Right ?? Right ?? 

You need amazing Logo & Branding done for your Business , and you should , Feel free to CONTACT ME .




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