Instagram Redesigned New Logo and a New Look-Hello Gradients

Instagram-logo-redesign instagram new app icon

Instagram just got a huge redesign , Instagram Redesigned New Logo as well as new Icons for its in app features as well.

Insagram new line logo design

instagrame new look

On first look you can tell that instagram new logo design follows the latest design trends of 2016 , I did a comprehensive post earlier on the Latest Logo design trends for 2016 .

Instagram logo consists of two parts a line logo icon and hand lettering style typography.

Both of these design trends are hottest nowadays.

Now let’s talk about the New Instagram App icon  , it is Awesome ! A great use of simplistic look and the all awesome use of gradient.

instagram new logo designs

Thing with Gradients is they look Smoking Hot on HD screens of today’s smartphones. YOu just can not ignore the shiny colors at all and that the whole point of Instagram app. Every time you open the app drawer there it is starting at you to open and share whatever the hell you are doing .

Let’s take a look at the Instagram redesign concept video as they explain and show how it is done!

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