Awesome Animated Logo Designs , A fresh Prospective?

I must say I was blown away by the concept of having Animated logo Designs. A creative Logo design now a days is not more than a few lines and clever use of typography.

Logo Design when done right Attracts The target market like moth to a Flame, A When you throw Animated version into the mix it is going to be Fantastic .

I stumbled this amazing work from Yaroslav Kononov on Behance and I knew this is going into my Creative Logo Design Collection for sure.

I instantly thought about the amazing possibilities we can have with animated logo designs , As you all know that Branding is main focus of the new Business now a days for any new business and Startups.

These Beautiful logos can certainly get the attention new Businesses and Startups seek for no recognition in this ruthless Digital world.

You get only one shoot to impress or cater the attention of your target Audience and that too in lucrative few seconds , Yes a few precious seconds you all got in the age of Twitter , Facebook and Instagram , so You have to be at top of your game and have Punching in the Face design to get that Precious Click to your Website or Landing Page.

Static logo designs and Branding doing it for quite a long time now but it is getting old now and now THIS! 

This Animated Logo designs trend can seriously catch up and be the next BIG THING in Branding and Logo Design.

Let’s Take a look at these Beauties all moving and Dancing Gracefully tempting you to Hit That Like and Share Button and That is the all their Purpose is .



Animated logo designs 1 Animated logo designs 2 Animated logo designs 3 Animated logo designs 4 Animated logo designs 5 Animated logo designs 6 Animated logo designs 7 Animated logo designs 8 Animated logo designs 9 Animated logo designs 10 Animated logo designs 11 Animated logo designs 12 Animated logo designs 13 Animated logo designs 14 Animated logo designs 15 Animated logo designs

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