Best Freelancing Networks-Overview

The world is changing fast in-fact really fast, and due to the changes few things getting easier and lot of them becoming harder and difficult, if you are a student of a college or even a university than you are in an age when you start thinking about earning money, may be not to support your family yet but to support yourself, to pay you college /university fee and your other daily expense .But how you can earn and study at the same time? Of Course part time jobs are an option, but they are very hard to get and pay very less, the condition of economy is quite down people, i have seen many qualified people in search of some good jobs and many of them just doing JOBS which are well below their qualifications, So why not to utilize the technology and your own skills in which you are good at to earn money? And i am talking about some serious money here, the new way of working it’s called freelancing.


I am not talking about the same old ad pasting, form filling pay per click lunacy!! This is real and legitimate way of earning good money right from the comfort of your home utilizing your skills you have which you never explored like writing, graphic designing, marketing techniques and many more.



There are well established freelance networks where you can sign up and start applying for thousands of jobs, International companies now believe in outsourcing instead of having in house employees as it costs them very low.

To get starting in this online earning world you have to visit and join a few networks its Free and costs nothing to join here are a few: for the starters this is world of opportunity ,oDesk is the best place for the freelancers to start there freelancing carrier ,it is a top freelancing place, it is a great place  to explore your skills .You can get fixed price projects and hourly projects as well.This is the future of work: Online work offers an alternative for businesses and workers, a path beyond the traditional employment headaches. is the biggest and the best freelancing website in terms of their system, quality and jobs .This is the place where you can earn maximum amount of money as a freelancer. High value companies and employer post there projects at Elance. is another Freelancing place it is also a great place to render your services and earn handsomely, you can join for free and after completing your credentials and profile you are good to go.freelancer offers a few unique features which are not available in above mentioned competitions in the design category a few versatile payment options for employers etc.

There are many more freelancing sites but these are the best and we will cover there pros/cons in our next post.

Earning money is not very simple and earning as a freelancer is not simple at all, you need proper guidance and strong will to succeed in this field, One you get started there is nothing which can stop you to earn more and more for sure, It’s not like 5-9 job as a freelancer you are free to do work whenever you want however you want, You will be your own boss! You will be accountable to yourself only! No more creepy office stuff.

In our next posts we will introduce you to the interface of above mentioned websites and step by step guide from filling up your profile to getting hired for your first job!

Stay tuned 🙂

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