11 Brochure Designs from January 2014 ,That Deserve Appreciation

Yesterday I was asked to do a Brochure Design for one of my clients , so to get Inspiration for best Brochure designs I went on a trip , I traveled a lot saw so many good designs and got some great ideas for my design and how I can knock it off , But Wait for those who starting to think that I packed my bag and set of to some Graphic Design republic , this is not the case , I went on Internet and wounder around there , As being freelance Graphic designers we like to stay at home comfy …

So While searching for the inspiration I made sure that I am looking at the latest designs from January 2014 , So to see what other Designers are doing , and I was astonished to see that With web design Print design also taken over by Flat Design , Trend is to Use Big Images , Big but thin Fonts , Lots of Bright Colors and to the point info .

After This journey I decided to share all this with you guys , the fellow Designers , who also looking for inspiration for Brochure designs . I always want to make things easy for other people , I had to look for hours to get the right examples but if I can save a few mints of some fellow graphic designer That would be really great for me.

Take a look at following Brochure Designs from January 2014 ,That Deserve Appreciation. Hope you guys will find something really special out of these designs and create an Amazing Design for your Clients .

Syntouch: Brochure Design


Syntouch  Brochure Design on Behance



Design Brochure for DP.Multimedia


Design Brochure for DP.Multimedia on Behance


MEGA Tower brochure


MEGA Tower brochure on Behance

Brochure Design


Brochure Design on Behance

Bone Marrow Donation Bank – Brochure


Bone Marrow Donation Bank Brochure on Behance


Wasp corporate Brochure


Wasp corporate brochure on Behance

Large-format Tri-fold Brochure


Large format Tri fold Brochure on Behance

Brochure Design


Brochure Designs on Behance

Aaron Siskind Brochure


Aaron Siskind Brochure on Behance

Healthy Brochure Design


Healthy Brochure Design on Behance

Blue Hexo Brochure

SourceBlue Hexo Brochure on Behance

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