5 Questions to Ask From Arabic Calligraphy Logo Design Clients

Arabic logo Design is a very complex art, Arabic logo designer have to keep lots of aspects in consideration while designing an Arabic logo. If Arabic logo involves Arabic calligraphy logo design that makes thing even complex.

Arabic calligraphy logos or Islamic calligraphy logos need special artistic element while is not very common in designers.

When designing for an Arabic brand designers need to be very careful and they should get lots of important details from the clients, you need to be aware that there are things which only you the designer knows and you need to educate the client about them accordingly them.

A few important things are that important I am Arabic logo Design are;

1- What kind of logo will suit the business?

Client will always be intimidated with the Arabic calligraphy style and watch to use the Islamic calligraphy in their logo design but this won’t work every time. Arabic calligraphy is more of an artistic feel to it and it will not suit with branding on many types of businesses.

2- Logo should be Arabic and English combined?

For most of the cases Yes! I call these hybrid logos. These logos are mostly based on the location and place of operation of the business for example a business n UK who needed an Arabic logo Design or In USA they need to have their business name somehow incorporated in English as well, mainly due to language issue of that region. People won’t understand what Arabic calligraphy is and it will create confusion.

3- Who is the Audience?

This is very important point designers and clients should always discuss before getting into design process, who is the audience of your business and are they ready enough to understand Non-conventional Arabic logo and branding of your business?

4- What is the Level of business?

I always ask my clients about the operation level of their business. Are they?

– Startup and just starting up?

– How they rate their business?

– Entry Level

– Midrange

– High End.

Same goes for the Branding level they need. This helps the client and designer to determine what kind and what type of logo design will suit your business.


Also it helps the designer to determine the Price and fee for the branding project.


5- Do you like some other logo designs or impressed with some design?


Another important question I ask to my Arabic logo Design clients is, do they like some logos which they can provide me as example? This helps me a lot in understanding the taste of the clients. Most of the time people who provide some examples of designs them like they want quite similar designs for themselves too. So it saves both my and my clients time.


These are initial 5 questions which help me a great deal in determining what clients needs and what direction I should go for the design.

It is your turn now , If you have something to add this process feel free to comment below.

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