How Arabic Calligraphy is Different from Arabic Logo Design?

We often use same terms for similar kind of things and here the case is no different. Arabic Calligraphy is Often mixed with Arabic Logo design terminology. There is a fine difference between two design techniques which I will try to Highlight in this Blog Post.

Arabic Calligraphy or Arabic Typography is also known as Islamic Calligraphy is a prestigious Art, it is like learning a new language but you have to learn to write it as well. Calligraphy is around from centuries and it is an integral part of Islamic Architecture as well.

Arabic Logo Design is the modern version of calligraphy and that’s where these two waste fields if design meets together and make some astonishing designs you would ever see.


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Difference between Arabic Calligraphy and Arabic Logo Design

There are some very interesting features of both design fields that separate these fields apart, Following are the points;

Arabic Logo Design Has a Different Design Sence as Compare to Arabic Calligraphy:

This is Probably the biggest difference between two design fields are they differ in a design sense. Arabic calligraphy is Art based, it is used to express the artistic side of the field, Mostly the verses of Holy Quran are written in Beautiful Arabic Scripts and Fonts by Hand. Most Popular Arabic fonts are Thuluth and Kufic style. On the Other Hand, Arabic Logo Design is more of the Modern Business application of calligraphy. Arabic logo designs are designed keeping in mind the Businesses they represent.

A Logo Design Requires a lot more effort and planning as the Logo has to represent a whole Business and carry the whole Brand Forward.

Target Audience of Both Design fields are different:

Arabic Calligraphy is focused on Art collectors and Hobbiest side while Target Audience of Arabic logos is everyone who is going to use the services of the business. The target market for Arabic Logo designs is mostly Arabic countries and Muslim majority countries. Countries like Saudi Arabic, UAE, Qatar, UK, Egypt, Pakistan, India mostly these regions use Arabic logos for their Businesses and Brands.

Usability of Arabic Logo Designs are Huge as Compare to Caligraphy Design:

Arabic logo design has to be easily reusable , Scaleabe and easily adaptable to different situations like Brands use Logo design and Branding for different occasions and events differently , so the logo design has to be flexible enough to have huge usability under its belt while there is no such restriction for the Arabic Calligraphy as it is like an Art peace it will be final as it is and will most probably never be reused .

Design Process of Arabic Calligraphy is quite complex and another step ahead is Arabic Logo:

Arabic Calligraphy is very complex art, Arabic Calligraphy designer needs to plan ahead the whole composition before he can start drawing, most of the times it is like making a bunch of people sit together on a table who hate each other. Arabic letters need to be written in very specific shape and size based n the font the calligrapher is using, so it makes it really hard to contain the composition in the desired shape.

On the other Hand, Arabic Logos don’t have many letters as it is mainly a Brand Name or Business name so maximum 2,3 words need to be designed in such a style that fulfill all the design requirements of a Logo Design.

I have seen and meet very talented Arabic Calligraphy Artist and they were amazing at what they do but when I asked any of the to Design me an Arabic Logo Design, they all have no clue what to do or what direction to take.The main issue I noticed was that they don’t have that required Design Sense which I explained earlier. A Calligrapher can write the Business Name in very

The main issue I noticed was that they don’t have that required Design Sense which I explained earlier. A Calligrapher can write the Business Name in very pretty calligraphy but that design is nowhere Usable as a Logo, Hav no Appeal to the Target Audience of that Brand and Absolutely not Scalable.

That’s where Arabic Logo Designers Stride Ahead as they know what design will be suitable to the Business side of things.

Arabic Logo Designer will be a Great Arabic Calligraphy designer, But a Calligraphy designer may not be a good Logo Designer.

I hope I have answered a lot of questions about the two design fields which seem like one but have whole different worlds in between.






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