Beautiful Animal Inspired Color Palettes an Awareness Project

I came across Animal inspired Color Palettes today. That’s such a creative thing. Normally someone has to refer to a color they most probably going to name an animal or a thing for the reference. So Why don’t we have such a color system where the colors are specifically named after the animals.

Colors have a distinctive quality, they are memorable.

As a Graphic designer, we deal with lots of colors daily and let’s be honest remembering the names of all the hundreds of colors are not possible.We use

We use numbers and hex codes and that’s not an easy way to remember or I must say it is impossible at best.

The main source of color in nature is the nature itself. the birds, animals and natural objects carry our color inspiration.

When ever you have to refer to a color most probably it s like, the color of the sky , the color of a rose, color of a fish etc.

It shows a connection, source and a deep meaning to the color.

We designers collect Colar palettes consisting amazingly beautiful and new colors that work together best in our design projects. I was on a same color palette hunt when I came across a few Animal inspired color palettes, Wel it is not unusual to see color pallets inspired by beautiful animals but the thing struck me was very moving.

All these color palettes were inspired and named from animals that are facing extinction in near future.

How would we be going to tell our next generations about these beautiful animals? and most importantly the reason these beautiful beings wiped out from earth?

The answers are just sad and disappointing.

But a Good and great thing came out from this little experience was these beautiful color palettes made from these awesome creatures.


Animal inspired Color Palettes



















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