Dear loyal supporters and readers, iShareArena is inviting guest writers, designers and developers to contribute articles for valued readers like yourself.

We have enjoyed sharing our knowledge with you and hope to continue doing so. However, we also realized that it is equally important to have others share their knowledge and experience with everyone as well. Now, iShareArena would like to invite you to contribute to the community with us.

Type of Posts

In order to maintain the quality of our articles, each article written for iShareArena will need to correspond with our style and guidelines before it is published. As such, we cannot promise that all guest articles written will be published. To ensure that your articles meet our criteria and expectations, below are some guidelines you can follow.Area of interests:

  • Articles: Unique topics and fresh ideas that provoke intellectual discussion among a knowledgeable web audience and will make an impression on them.
  • Inspirations: Success stories, case studies, excellent sources and resourceful lists for high quality goodies. (e.g. wallpapers, icons, templates, products, etc.)
  • Tutorials: Original, step-by-step guide with excellent and comprehensive explanations. (e.g. photoshop, coding, drawing, etc.)
  • Showcases or Roundups: Spot various web trends with a good and ample presentation of example sites in each showcase or roundup.
  • Freebies: High quality web treats and freebies made exclusively for iShareArena readers like icons, themes, templates, wallpapers, etc.

Rewards and Compensations

In the past few months, iShareArena have seen some phenomena growth and we can offer you a small token of our appreciation and exposure for yourself.

  • Each guest writer is acknowledged at the bottom of the article as the author along with a link to official website and twitter account as well as a short but detailed biography.
  • Great exposure to a persistently huge growing traffic.
  • Received recognition and appreciation from a group of loyal audiences.
  • Play a integrated part in the growth of the design and development community by sharing your talents, skills and knowledge.

Of course, this might not be attractive to everyone, for experienced or established writers monetary rewards will be offered. The amount of money depends on the quality, volume, comprehensiveness and other factors of the article.

Before your article is published we will definitely make sure both sides have an affirmative consensus on the publishing & payment conditions.

Share Your Skills & Talents

If you have the knowledge, talent, skill and time, we have an audience waiting to hear what you have to share with them. Please do not hesitate to contact us and join our iShareArena family as a guest writer now!

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