When Do The Certifications From Microsoft Certification Exams Expire?

No one wants to have to take Microsoft Certification Exams any more than they have to, but certifications don’t last forever. Knowing about when these exams expire and why will have you aware of the sometimes short shelf lives of these certifications. It will help you to appreciate them while you have them, too.


It Depends On The Exam

In many cases, the expiration date for the certification depends on each certification and can be found on the Microsoft website. Some certifications seem to last longer than others, and you just need to keep an eye out for when the expiration dates for your certifications start drawing near. You will usually be notified when your certifications are getting close to expiring.


When The Technology Changes

Certifications don’t just expire when their set expiration dates roll around. They also expire when the technology changes. This makes sense because if you have a certification for a technology that no longer exists in its original form, you will need to be certified in its new form. If a technology changes enough, then it almost becomes like an entirely new technology. The same concept applies to the next point.


When Microsoft No Longer Supports That Kind Of Technology

Sometimes Microsoft Certifications run out because Microsoft stops supporting that kind of technology. This isn’t something that happens every day, but it does happen. This reason why Microsoft Certification Exams expire may not seem relevant now, but with the speed at which IT technologies get replaced, it will surely seem relevant in the not too distant future.

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