Make Placeholder Text Great Again, Funny Placeholder Text Generator

Finally Someone heard the Screaming GRaphic designers and Made the Placeholder text Great Again ! Trump Ipsum generates placeholder text for your next mock-up by taking actual Donald Trump quotes and replacing a few keywords to make them about making placeholder text great again.


Check this out ;

He’s not a word hero. He’s a word hero because he was captured. I like text that wasn’t captured. I think the only card she has is the Lorem card. You know, it really doesn’t matter what you write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of text.

Being a Graphics and Print Designer the Biggest issue we have to deal with is the Placeholder text , We need to work with lorem ipsum gibberish and let’s face it is not that great or I must Say not at all great.

How cool it would be if we put a little humor into the placeholder text as a sample text so If anyone bothers to read it he is amused too .

That is been done and you guys can head over to The site here and generate some awesome placeholder text for your next mockup of Print or Web design .

Please note that use it where you know it will be taken as funny and not turn into a heated political drama , Because that would not make things great for you at all 😉

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